About Munzinger & Company

Munzinger and Company is comprised of David Weber, John Bass, Diana Weber, and Linda Cote.

Our territory includes:

Northern States: Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota and South Dakota.
Central States: Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, and Illinois.
Southern States: Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Our combined 70 years experience in the marine industry equips us to "know the territory," and to provide professional service to both our customers and the manufacturers whom we represent.

David Weber is a long-time industry veteran and former co-worker. In January 2017 David has taken over as the lead role in our business.

David has a broad range experience in the marine industry. After serving as Director of Sales & Marketing for The Springfield Marine Company, David spent 15 years with Lowe Boats as Vice President of Engineering. David understands both the aftermarket and OEM aspects of the industry.

In our 23 years, Munzinger and Company has earned recognition from several manufacturers for excellence in selling.